Who we are - Kapacitet

At Kapacitet we combine engineering and craftsmanship to solve problems and design solutions. We work in close networks with clients, suppliers and industrial designers to match each project with the right skill-sets.

Crafting Ideas

When you’re in love with technology, the workshop is where your heart is.

Combining the creative intelligence and advanced theories of the bright engineer with the skill-set of the specialized craftsman is the core of our philosophy. We take ideas beyond the drawings and plans and test them out in real life.

Take it up a notch

Tired of running endless projects?

At Kapacitet speed is of the essence. Clients typically come to us for radical innovation – to deliver on that we run fast-paced work cycles where ideas are put to the test – fast.

The Genius of the And

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too.

We do not see intelligent engineering and hands-on skills as opposites. At Kapacitet the power to think creatively and to construct, build and test go hand in hand. When competences are combined, breakthroughs happen. We combine those skills – often within the same person.