What we do - Kapacitet

At Kapacitet we develop products and technologies for clients in diverse industries. The knowledge we earn allows us to challenge the status quo and come up with creative and viable solutions.

Getting There
— Fast

The Power to Do

To succeed with radical innovation you need to believe that almost anything is possible - and be rigorous about challenging your own ideas.

We work closely with our clients to combine their knowledge and competences with our skill-sets and methods. The core of the approach is an untiring enthusiasm and can-do spirit, which is DNA to Kapacitet and the people we hire.

Learning from

We learn from our clients.

We learn from our projects. We learn from healthcare. We learn from offshore and subsea. We learn from product development. We learn from testing. We learn from trying things out. We learn from cross-pollination: by transferring knowledge from one field to another, we apply new ideas to old problems and simple solutions to complex challenges.