Combining the profound insights of our customers with the creativity and diverse industry experience of our engineers, leads to fast track innovation and valuable solutions.


We came across Kapacitet while searching for assistance in refining and re-designing the next-generation sterile sampling valve. We found exactly what we were looking for: A group of very skilled people combining their hands-on knowledge with a highly innovative approach. Inspiring discussions continue to spur new product solutions and we consider Kapacitet an important, strategic partner to our future business development.

— Henrik L. Salomon, Director, Keofitt

Sensitivus Gauge

This calibration machine is used for calibrating power meters and takes care of all small inaccuracies and tolerances, so every power meter has same accuracy.

Applied services

  • Concept development
  • Engineering
  • FEM analysis
  • Detailed design
  • Manufacturing


High Speed Corroder

Want to know what a component will look like after sitting 10 years on a roof? Or whether a 25 years’ non-corrosion warranty will actually outlive your product?

With our High Speed Corroder you can expose your product or component to a highly corrosive environment of high humidity, high temperatures, and salt water, thus simulating years of exposure to harsh conditions, giving you valuable product experience in advance.


Together with the team at Keofitt we develop world leading sterile sample solutions.

Applied services

  • Flow simulation
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Steel and plastic prototyping
  • Cost optimization
  • Production sourcing


Based upon Delta´s method "Highly Accelerated Corrosion Test", we have developed and installed a total solution, consisting of glass chamber, pumps, etc.

Applied services

  • Design for highly corrosive environment
  • Turnkey project including installation