Indlæg om Aron Zingman

  • 16.12.2022

Endnu en stjerne hos os er Aron, som kommer hele vejen fra USA ✈️

Hi, I'm Aron! 
I graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2007 with an S.B. degree in Mechanical Engineering. I’m a Research and Development Engineer at Kapacitet A/S in Hellerup. I consult on projects where I design products for clients. This involves sketching, developing requirements and specifications, generating concepts, modelling in 3D CAD, assembling prototype and early production devices out of parts we design ourselves or source off the shelf, testing documenting results, and more. I have a passion for early concepts and first prototypes. I love to be part of a team that comes up with a new, untested idea, and makes the first version of a machine or system that can really do something. 

My core competencies
⭐integrating electronics into mechanical products
⭐designing plastic parts for injection moulding
⭐developing surgical instruments

At Kapacitet I’ve had the opportunity to further develop my skills in design precision machined components and optomechanical systems over the course of multiple laser system projects.

I really appreciate the workshop spaces we have on site at Kapacitet and having colleagues who are talented engineers with practical hands-on experience. This applies to everything from micro components in injection pens, to fluidic systems in hand sanitizer dispensers, to precision machined parts in industrial laser systems, to small scale solar energy systems. Naturally my work as an engineer includes 3D modelling and analysis, but I also make rapid prototypes with 3D printers, on the lathe, on the mill, with Arduinos, out of cardboard, or out of wood and screws, and more, and that is something I love 😊

- Thanks Aron Olesen Zingman! 
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